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What to get your groomsmen as a thank you gift for being in your wedding you ask?  Why get some traditional groomsman gift that he will not ever use or need.
A great groomsman gift idea is a cooler bag.
Coolers for groomsmen are unique gifts for each groomsman, the best man, the ring bearer and your wedding ushers.
We have cheap coolers for groomsmen gifts if you are on a tight budget and need  inexpensive groomsman gift ideas . If you are looking for one of the best coolers you can buy a rolling cooler bag.  A cooler with wheels makes it very easy to pull your cooler around and not worry about how heavy it is once you fill it all up with ice, food, beer and drinks.
Instead of buying a plain big cooler or small cooler you can buy rolling cooler bags, soft sided coolers, backpack coolers, wide mouth coolers, pop up coolers, tailgate coolers, cooler tote bags, bongo coolers, collapsible cooler, sports coolers, party drink cooler tubs, cooler duffle bags and cooler chairs. 
Personalized coolers for groomsmen gifts lets the guys know you wanted them to have a custom groomsmen gift. Buying a monogrammed cooler lets your groomsman know that gift was made especially for him.
The personalized soft sided coolers are one of the best selling coolers for groomsmen gifts. You can monogram the cooler in one of fifteen embroider colors. The deluxe cooler can be monogrammed with any name or initials. The insulated backpack cooler bags are very nice groomsmen gift ideas that will be used for years
Groomsmen collapsible coolers are popular gifts for groomsmen who need extra storage space. The pop up cooler ice bucket and the custom bongo beer cooler can all be customized with names.
For the outdoorsman buy a camo sports cooler. A camouflage cooler chair to sit and relax makes a fun groomsmen gifts. For groomsmen and ushers who love sports you can get their favorite sport team logo on a cooler for college, football hockey, baseball, basketball and soccer teams.
Having a monogrammed cooler for tailgating, ball games, beach, fishing, a picnic, traveling or any outdoor event where cool drinks and food are a must makes a unique groomsmen gift. So if you are looking for a monogrammed beer cooler or a nice rolling cooler personalized with his name we know you will like any of these coolers as groomsman gifts.
The cooler chair combo is a unique groomsmen gift. Some call the sit n sip or sit n fish for the design of 2 in 1 features.  You not only get a handle place to sit but under the seating area you have a handy cooler for drinks and snacks with extra pockets for car keys and your cell phone. Great for a day camping, fishing, kids soccer games or any outdorr activity.  They can be personalized in your choice of font and thread color to make it the perfect personalized gift for your groomsman or any men who enjoy the outdoors.

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